It’s a well-known fact that Brits get their flirt on during hot months but as summer flings fizzle out across the capital, many of us will be taking another swipe around the dating pool. Your coupled up friends will migrate inside to cosy up on the sofa and suddenly that random guy with the crazy beard who you spoke to in May will look really appealing.

So, where is one to take a Tinder date on a cold autumn night?

Happy you asked! We’ve rounded up the top seven bars in the Square Mile for you to enjoy a first date. We can guarantee exceptional liquid courage in the form of tasty cocktails, but you’re on your own when it comes to the awkward silence and speedy exit strategy…

oriole+food194-November+29,+2015-Edit (1).jpg

1. Oriole - Named after an exotic bird species, Oriole is where culture meets cocktails. The décor is mesmerizing; with jungle pattern wall-paper, tribal-inspired furniture and glass cabinets filled with bizarre artefacts. Fittingly, the cocktail menu is an explorer’s map. There’s even a glossary of unusual ingredients in the back.   

2. The Devil's Darling at the Napoleon Hotel - Sounds just hedonistic enough for a first date, ammirite? The main cocktail bar of the hotel that only has one suite, is actually quite an elegant place. They only serve classic cocktails, but they do them well. Open Monday to Saturday, 5pm to late.


3. The Mayor of Scaredy Cat Town - The speakeasy trend is still alive and well, and this is one of our favourite’s. The entrance to the basement cocktail bar is hidden behind a Smeg fridge. Dark and mysterious. This place was made for devious first dates, especially if the sign proclaiming “no heavy petting” is anything to go by…

4. Core Bar - For something a little bit more low-key, without sacrificing the cool factor. Core Bar has everything you want for a first date. Plenty of space and tables for privacy, a lively atmosphere, craft beer and cocktails. Cute bartenders, too.


5. WM Barker & Co - Ever heard of Dirty Dicks in Liverpool Street? The legendary pub, frequented by many a city worker, actually has a secret shrub cocktail bar. What’s a shrub? Go find out. It’s really tasty, we promise.

6. Searcys 1847 - Trendy and modern, this is the champagne lovers' haven. The location is ideal, as it’s on the first floor of St. Paul’s very own shopping centre, One New Change. If the date doesn’t go well, you can always enjoy some retail therapy. We hear All Saints is a great place to mend a broken heart (and max out a credit card).


7. Barsmith - Great place to test your date. After all, if they’re not up for falling in love as you munch on a basket of dough balls stuffed with mozzarella & salami, are they really the one? Didn’t think so. Pair with infused cocktails. Visit after the sun sets for maximum cosy effect and perch yourself on a private table in the back. Open from noon, Monday to Saturday.