Poke, pronounced Po-Keh, is Hawaiian for ‘slice’ or ‘dice’ and is a staple of the archipelago’s traditional diet. 

The meal consists of raw fish on rice and historically, Hawaiian fishermen would slice and dice their catch on the spot!  However, obtaining this delicacy has gotten significantly easier as Island Poké works tirelessly to bring a little of authentic Hawaii to the City.


Island Poké was born of frustrations in the City’s lunchtime monopoly and according to their website, “Island Poke presents London with a more vibrant, flavoursome and original offering, making lunch fun, interactive, healthy and above all, delicious, just like those fresh flavours James remembers as a boy.” Here at OneCity, we think they’re doing a mighty fine job! 

Island Poké offers a customizable 3 step menu.  First, you base it, choosing from either soft and delicious sushi rice, energy packed brown rice, extra healthy leafy greens or crunchy and nutritious raw slaw.  Next, you top it with either ahi tuna with shoyu dressing, salmon with yuzu dressing or roasted beetroot with chilli lime shoyu.  Lastly, your delicious meal is finished off with spring onion and sesame seeds and your choice toppings ranging from edamame to pickled ginger. Needless to say, they’re on top of it ;) 

In addition to Island Poké’s hoʻonānea (Hawaiian for relax) attitude towards customizable food, the decor is rocking some serious aloha vibes.   

Be sure to head to their website to sign up for their newsletter and receive a complimentary morning Kona Coffee!