Many of us call ourselves Londoners, but how much do we really know about this city?

Its stories are hidden in a roundabout in the financial square mile, where the Museum of London situates. Currently all the exhibitions in the Museum of London are free to visit, with The City Is Ours exhibition being the current temporary exhibition, which runs until the 2nd of January 2018.

The City Is Ours exhibition presents the common issues that different cities are facing and how the ever increasing population in cities are tackling these issues with creative inventions, such as smart LED street lighting, which automatically detects people nearby and adjust its brightness accordingly.

This exhibition has successfully presented information in a succinct and engaging way by being interactive and graphic, such as having a series of short films of residents talking about their home cities and virtual reality equipment showing tower blocks in Hong Kong. By comparing and contrasting the challenges and solutions in cities in the world allows the visitors to see the differences and similarity between each of these communities.

As part of this exhibition, there is an installation surrounding the café area that broadcasts and analyses feeds it sources from Twitter live across London boroughs. This is to demonstrate the amount of information being produced in London and its reaction to different events.  This gives a sense of the city being a living organism that is made up by the people living in it and the information flow is like the signals that pass through neurones connecting different parts of the body.

In terms of the permanent exhibition, it tells the story of London starting from Roman Londinium through to the 21st century. The archaeological part looks at the early human settlement in London with a lot of ancient artefact and early human bones. 

The City Is Ours is at the Museum of London until the 2nd January 2018.