The team at The Winemakers Club bring a bit of Italy to the City. The haunt opened up in 2014 in the City of London, to allow more people direct access to these incredible wines. 

The crew have been importing, selling and of course enjoying wine for over 15 years from regions as diverse as Hungary and Australia. But what else do they do?

1. The Winemakers Club have a range of global producers, from small wineries with diverse collections to bigger more developed producers. They're more interested in what makes each producer's wine unique.

2. During the day the venue serve as a makeshift office, warehouse and tasting room, as well as retail outlet where the general public can buy wines. At night it becomes a candle-lit wine bar.

3. They are no wine lists as the team have a roster of ever changing wines on offer from like-minded importers.

4. Twice a year, in March and October, they host host the trade-only Vault Tastings. they are joined by importers Carte Blanche Wines, Tutto Wines, Gergovie Wines, Clark Foyster, Howard Ripley and other guest importers in exhibiting a selection of our portfolios to the trade.

5. If you want to find out when the next public Vault Tasting is you can sign up to their newsletter here.