The team at One City are obsessed with food, when it come to donuts, burgers and pasta we know all the best places to get your fill. Now sushi is a London favourite, but where can you find the best sushi? Sushi Gourmet has just opened up in Leadenahll Market, we decided to visit Sushi Gourmet's Managing Director to find out more about the brand and its recent expansion.

What’s your daily routine like? Energetic, fast, fun & just crazy! It starts with looking at new site plans and in a charming way driving all of my team mad, our people are our most important asset. My Japanese nickname is ‘sempai’ loosely meaning everyone’s mentor and then it’s all about food - I taste our product every day & travel to different locations sharing evangelical drive of sharing our passion for great sushi - looking at next step in design, products, people plans appear daily and I am the luckiest person in world as I get to taste & experience amazing food. I’d say have the best job in the world.

What inspired you to get into the London food scene and has food always been part of your career plan?  I started as an apprentice chef with Michelin starred Roux brothers when I was 16 and have never looked back. The dynamism & excitement of the restaurant world is hard to beat and so satisfying, it’s like having all the charm & satisfaction of having your friends around for dinner but every day!

Freshly made sushi - image by Deborah Ajia

Freshly made sushi - image by Deborah Ajia

What is your favourite type of sushi? Ahhh the excitement of okonomiyaki (veg pancake), the singular perfection of salmon nigiri, produce singing for itself in fresh tuna sashimi, the adventure of Hawaiian poke, the ultra-cool veggie baskets make my day & crunch rolls for playing my joker!

What artists are you listening to at the moment? I love variety and am currently singing along to Rockabye by Clean Bandit, Talking To You by Izzy Bizu, After Party by Charli XCX, Say You Won’t Let Go by James Arthur, Cheap Thrills by Sia and as well as pop you’ll find my iPod full of gospel for Sunday mornings and REM for heavy nights. I love cooking with music - of course Italian, French or some Kill Bill Rockabilly ‘whoo woo’ sound tracks for cooking sushi.

Freshly made sushi - image by Deborah Ajia

Freshly made sushi - image by Deborah Ajia

Why do you like visiting/working in the City?  I love the buzz & the many hidden secret spots in the city, it’s so diverse, bohemian & just makes you so proud to be part of exciting melting pot that’s streets ahead of most capitals.

What is your favourite place to visit in the Square Mile? I love the Old Spitalfields Market, the many restaurants and street food available plus of course some trendy eclectic retail therapy.

Do you have any special collaborations, events or projects coming up?
Our monthly seasonal focuses start with our Mother Nature spring box coming in March, and our Easter box with Japanese omelette coming in April. Our restaurant ‘Sushi & Rabata’ in Kensington has a new £15 two course menu which for high quality sushi is mad and simply delicious, as is our new Wok Street concepts new menu.

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-Interview by Deborah Ajia