This week we're going to find out a bit more about London's eclectic food scene with Hubert Zanier, one of the founders of Nusa Kitchen. The newest Nusa shop will open up next month on Basinghall Street.

Please tell us about Nusa.  Nusa is a South East Asian inspired, family run business serving fresh and natural food and drinks to enthusiastic clients in the city of London. Our strongest dishes are our soups.

Nusa was set up by a lady from Singapore and her son, Patou and Mark. rowing up in Singapore, Patou could never resist the delicious soups being sold in her school tuck shop. She never forgot this lunchtime treat and many years and miles later she dreamed of cooking up equally memorable soups here in London.

Mother and son team, Patou and Mark in 2004 turned these dreams into reality and brought a small slice of South East Asia to the fringe of the City. Using recipes inspired from Asia, a new generation of soup devotees has emerged and over the years the menu has evolved to include breakfast, rice boxes and salads. Now Nusa is expanding to make more people in the city happy and serve them delicious and healthy food. 

What’s your daily routine like?   There is no real routine. When you run a growing business with a small management team you have to look after pretty much everything, from going around the shops, meeting marketing and advertising team, meeting with staff, planning the opening of the new stores, hire and train new people etc.  

What inspired you to get into the London food scene?  I always loved food and dreamed to work in the food scene. It was a question of the right opportunity, and after already having been a shareholder in the company when I decided to leave finance, it was an obvious decision to get involve in Nusa on a daily basis. Didn't regret the decision once, I love what I do. 

Why do you like working in the City?  There is no other place as vibrant, busy, fast moving and interesting as the City of London.  

What is your favourite place to visit in the Square Mile? Obviously our Nusa restaurants. When I am not at work I love to walk along the busy streets, watch windows and see the diverse inhabitants of London.  

Do you have any special collaborations or projects coming up? We have 3 shops opening as a project which will keep us very busy. We do collaborate with other food and drink companies like Caravan Coffee, and we are planning to have more partnerships with gyms, events, anything that can promote our brand and spread the #nusalove.

You can find out more about Nusa online. 

-Interview by Deborah Ajia