Beers London will soon be hosting an intimate exhibition of works by Artist Andrew Salgado. The artist was greatly Inspired by the recent Orlando massacre in Florida, which killed 49 people. In his latest show Salgado's works deal with the subjects of hatred, destruction and re-birth.


Here are five facts about the artist:

1. His upcoming show at the Beers Gallery, The Snake, is dedicated to the victims of the Orlando massacre.

2. In 2008, the Canadian artist was himself the victim of a brutal homophobic attack.

“My partner and I were jumped by eight guys in the middle of the day at a music festival in British Columbia. I lost my teeth. We were two persons. We did nothing. We were pacifists and we were arrested. No charges were pressed but they made no effort to detain or find the eight guys.”

3. Salgado often creates large-scale works of portraiture with abstract elements. His style consists of vivid brushstrokes and bold colours.

4.  In 2017, the artist will return to Canada for the first time in nearly 5 years with his Back to the Country Show at the Angell Gallery in Toronto

5. Salgado graduated from Chelsea College of Art in 2009 and now works on his pieces in a studio in Hackney

Andrew Salgado’s The Snake runs from November 12th to December 17th at the Beers Gallery, but you can see the show before anyone else on the evening of November 11th.

-Piece by Deborah Ajia