Café culture: Top 5 cafés in the Square Mile

Café culture is on the rise in London. Sceptics would argue that whilst we English folk relish in the chance to pop into the pub for a craft pint, we don’t feel the same satisfaction in having a three-hour social experience of coffee and artisan deli-style food in a quant café.

Those people are wrong, and we’re here to prove it, with our list of the Square Mile’s top five hipster cafés. The coffee is strong, the food is comforting and you’ll soon start to feel as if you’re a chic Parisian or a trendy, modern Swede, as you sip your espresso.

Also, Starbucks doesn’t count.


1. Curators Coffee StudioDelivering you the hipster trifecta; out-of-this-world coffee with its very own house blend, a thirst-inducing Instagram feed and food so fresh, they don’t even have an online menu. Not to mention, regular art exhibitions from local artists. So popular, they’ve opened two more locations; after all, variety is the spice of life. Open Monday to Friday, 7.30am to 5.30pm.

2. The Association CoffeeIf you appreciate outstanding coffee and contemporary design, you’ll feel right at home here. Exposed brick walls, stripped wooden floors and books hanging on pipe shelves; the whole place has a certain NYC ambiance and we couldn’t be happier. The art of good coffee making is taken extremely seriously and is perfectly paired with fluffy pastries, cakes and generously sized sandwiches and baguettes.


3. The Department of Coffee and Social Affairs - So good, they’ve gone international, with their first-ever US shop to open in Chicago, very soon. The name says it all and it’s a cocky move; but everyone agrees, DCSA sets the rule for good coffee. They even make their own beans, available for purchase. As if we didn’t love them enough, it turns out Social Affairs stands for much more than you might think. The founders are big on humanitarian work, and work with local, national and international charities.

4. Café Below - Located below the crypt of St Mary-le-Bow Church in Cheapside. If a venue could be a success based on history alone, this would be the winner. Thankfully, this family-owned place also serves impeccable food. We’re cheating a bit, because this one is more of a restaurant than a café but the breakfast makes for a loophole in our rulebook. Fresh bread that’ll make your mouth water and coffee roasted by the founders of Climpson and Sons Café in Hackney. One for the early birds; brekkie is available Monday to Friday, 7.30am to 10am.


5. Prufrock Coffee - Based in Clerkenwell, this venue doesn’t just make great coffee, they also make great baristas. Part-café, part-coffee-training-school. Modernity is a centric element, and it’s not quite as cosy as its counterparts, but the menu will win you over (if the coffee hasn’t already). Fresh, light and seasonal dishes, as well as sweet and savoury baked treats made in the downstairs bakery. Coffee buffs should try the latte art workshop. Weekdays, 8am to 6pm, weekends 10am to 5pm.

Banksy x Basquiat: An (Unofficial) Collaboration at the Barbican Centre

Banksy x Basquiat: An (Unofficial) Collaboration at the Barbican Centre

Image source: Banksy

Image source: Banksy

The Jean-Michel Basquiat exhibition, Basquiat: Boom for Real, has officially opened at The Barbican Centre. Days before the official opening, London has received a couple artistic surprises with two new Banksy pieces suddenly appearing on the Barbican walls. Banksy points out the irony of the Basquiat x Barbican collaboration by posting on his Instagram account,

Major new Basquiat show opens at the Barbican – a place that is normally very keen to clean any graffiti from its walls.
— Banksy
Image source: Banksy

Image source: Banksy

The first Banksy work involves a black painted square with an oil pastel image of a ferris wheel including a remixed take with Basquiat’s iconic imagery of crowns. But the main attraction references Basquiat’s Boy and Dog in a Johnnypump, 1982 piece, which incorporates Banksy’s famously recognisable themes of authority, in this case: two police are shown to be going through with the stop and search procedure over the Basquiat image.

Image source: Banksy

Image source: Banksy

Banksy’s graffiti art has once again become the main topic of conversation in the art world but has also attracted local workers and citizens to stop by the Barbican and see the pieces for themselves. Call it vandalism, call it art, there’s no doubt that it aids in the boost of the City of London’s culture.

Your New Favourite Fitness Studio | One City Recommends... Psycle London

Your New Favourite Fitness Studio | One City Recommends... Psycle London


Tired of going to the same boring gym? Need that extra motivation to kick-start your health and fitness? Well, we have just the place for you. Introducing Psycle London - your new favourite boutique fitness studio that'll be sure to spark the fun and excitement back into your health, fitness and wellness.

With 3 locations around London (Mortimer Street, Canary Wharf and Shoreditch) offering a range of classes including barre, hiit, yoga and ride, boredom will never be an option when you work out here. Their passionate instructors will leave you feeling inspired, knowing you're surrounded by an energised and connected community. And once you're done sweating up a storm, refresh at the energy kitchen with a naturopathic shake or a superfood smoothie.


So, what makes Psycle London different from any other fitness studio? In this community, working out is just the beginning. It's all about coming together in an uplifting space to connect with your mind and body; to be a part of something bigger. You'll begin your class with meaningful intentions and end with nothing but gratitude.

If you want to join this happy, healthy and inspiring community, book a class here:

Get your culture fix in September

Ah, September. Summer is officially over and typical British weather reigns once again. To help you get out of your funk, we've rounded up four of the best events in the Square Mile this month.

From art to fashion, to a foraged feast. 

Whats more, they're inside, where it's warm and toasty. Three of the events even include tipples...autumn isn't sounding too bad now, is it?

1. Shop ‘til you drop at the London Fashion Week night market - It’s that time of year again, when London’s style crowd dress to impress and venture across the capital for the biggest event in the fashion calendar. Yes – it’s London Fashion Week. For us mere mortals, who don’t have front row passes for the fun, Spitalfields Market is hosting a free evening of catwalk shows from Zadig & Voltaire, Belstaff, Lululemon and many more. There’ll also be live music, a goodie-bag giveaway, late-night shopping and a vintage pop-up market, plus all the street food you can eat. We recommend mini-slider-burger-heaven, Bleecker Street.


2. Sample a foraged feast with Mama Xanadu - When a food event is held in Shoreditch, you just know it’s going to be good. After all, this is the birth-place of the hipster foodie. On 14 September, experiental culinary studio and botanical apothecary - a.k.a supper club - Mama Xanadu will prepare a three-course dinner of nature’s finest at 42 Acres. How does fermented fairy ring mushrooms, rainbow summer rolls and ground elder and water mint gazpacho sound? Tickets cost £45 and also include a plant identification workshop, flower elixirs and a remedy goodie bag.

3. March across the capital for margaritas - March; to walk in a military manner with a regular measured tread. Margarita March; to stumble across London in a manner dedicated to gobbling down speciality margs at eight different bars on 16 September. Tickets cost £29 and can be purchased at Café Pacifico between noon to 3pm. Then, proceed to each partner venue to collect your drinks, including One City favourite, Simmons Clerkenwell. The tickets are valid until 10pm and include special prices for beer, food and - you guessed it - margaritas, too. Jose Cuervo tequila will also be hosting special masterclasses with trucks along the way. 


4. Discover 80s NYC street art at the Barbican
Fancy yourself an art buff? You might've seen our brief mention last week of the Barbican's new exhibition. On 21 September, visit Boom for Real for a showcase of works from the American artist, Jean-Michel Basquiat. Born in Brooklyn, he is well-known for his street art and graffiti works inspired by scenes from a gritty downtown NYC in the 80s. More than 100 pieces will be on display, including rare film, photography and archive material. Standard tickets cost £16, students pay £10 and those lucky under 14s can go for free. Make sure you book in advance. 

Check in next month for our top events in the Square Mile during October!

"Basquiat: Boom for Real" Opens at Barbican

"Basquiat: Boom for Real" Opens at Barbican

London is set to see its first large-scale exhibition of the work of the late American artist, Jean-Michel Basquiat this month.  On 23rd September, the Barbican opens its Basquiat: Boom for Real retrospective - sure to be a thrilling (and long-overdue) experience for fans of the short-lived, bright-shining star.

Top 7 bars to take your Tinder date

It’s a well-known fact that Brits get their flirt on during hot months but as summer flings fizzle out across the capital, many of us will be taking another swipe around the dating pool. Your coupled up friends will migrate inside to cosy up on the sofa and suddenly that random guy with the crazy beard who you spoke to in May will look really appealing.

So, where is one to take a Tinder date on a cold autumn night?

Happy you asked! We’ve rounded up the top seven bars in the Square Mile for you to enjoy a first date. We can guarantee exceptional liquid courage in the form of tasty cocktails, but you’re on your own when it comes to the awkward silence and speedy exit strategy…

oriole+food194-November+29,+2015-Edit (1).jpg

1. Oriole - Named after an exotic bird species, Oriole is where culture meets cocktails. The décor is mesmerizing; with jungle pattern wall-paper, tribal-inspired furniture and glass cabinets filled with bizarre artefacts. Fittingly, the cocktail menu is an explorer’s map. There’s even a glossary of unusual ingredients in the back.   

2. The Devil's Darling at the Napoleon Hotel - Sounds just hedonistic enough for a first date, ammirite? The main cocktail bar of the hotel that only has one suite, is actually quite an elegant place. They only serve classic cocktails, but they do them well. Open Monday to Saturday, 5pm to late.


3. The Mayor of Scaredy Cat Town - The speakeasy trend is still alive and well, and this is one of our favourite’s. The entrance to the basement cocktail bar is hidden behind a Smeg fridge. Dark and mysterious. This place was made for devious first dates, especially if the sign proclaiming “no heavy petting” is anything to go by…

4. Core Bar - For something a little bit more low-key, without sacrificing the cool factor. Core Bar has everything you want for a first date. Plenty of space and tables for privacy, a lively atmosphere, craft beer and cocktails. Cute bartenders, too.


5. WM Barker & Co - Ever heard of Dirty Dicks in Liverpool Street? The legendary pub, frequented by many a city worker, actually has a secret shrub cocktail bar. What’s a shrub? Go find out. It’s really tasty, we promise.

6. Searcys 1847 - Trendy and modern, this is the champagne lovers' haven. The location is ideal, as it’s on the first floor of St. Paul’s very own shopping centre, One New Change. If the date doesn’t go well, you can always enjoy some retail therapy. We hear All Saints is a great place to mend a broken heart (and max out a credit card).


7. Barsmith - Great place to test your date. After all, if they’re not up for falling in love as you munch on a basket of dough balls stuffed with mozzarella & salami, are they really the one? Didn’t think so. Pair with infused cocktails. Visit after the sun sets for maximum cosy effect and perch yourself on a private table in the back. Open from noon, Monday to Saturday. 

Last Days of Shoreditch Riviera

Last Days of Shoreditch Riviera

Last Days of Shoreditch Riviera Image 1.jpg

Since May this year, the heart of East London has been host to special late-week and weekend beats and bars, and transformed itself into beach life in miniature – sadly all set to come to an end for the season on Saturday 16th September.  If you’ve not been yet, make plans to do so. 

Run by Old Street’s RED Gallery and Rob Star (of Eastern Electrics and Star Pubs fame), for the last few months Shoreditch has seen its Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays replete with global talent, craft beer, expert cocktails (and bubbles), and food stalls to quite simply salivate over – not to mention Ben Spalding and Puzzle Project’s mezzanine restaurant and terrace bar to enjoy.

Last Days of Shoreditch Riviera Image 3.jpg

But, of course, this hasn’t been dubbed a “Riviera” for nothing.  A little urban beach has delighted many this summer, inclusive of palm trees and decking, with the hedonistic flair highlighted by a Lucky Voice-provided karaoke room.  However, the sun will be setting after the next two Saturdays, 9th and 16th September, just in time for Oktoberfest at the end of the month.

The first weekend wind-down will have kids and parents – from 6 weeks of age to 60 years - catered to for the final time on 9th September, from 1pm to 4pm, with Russ Ryan’s Fun DMC: a mix of graffiti workshops, slides, breakdancing, and other general summer silliness.  Then, the evening will see Ryan’s Hip-Hop vs RnB Rave take over until 11pm.

detroit for shoreditch.jpg

The Riviera’s official close on 16th September is the thing, though.  Looking to the 313 and the impact Detroit has had on dance music for the last three decades, the day (and night) will be a celebration of some of the best in Techno, House, Electro, and more, running from 2pm until 4am on Sunday, with Detroiter Kevin Saunderson and Derrick May & Juan Atkins in attendance, among others.  Just be sure to note that the venues for Day & Night are five minutes’ walking distance from each other, when you decide to head over to Village Underground’s Night at 9pm from RED Market’s Day.

RED Gallery is Shoreditch’s longest-standing regeneration enterprise, curators of the self-funded collective DIY Culture, which brings music, art, and other events to the community of East London.  One of the last surviving Banksy’s is on site, as is the work of street artists Ben Eine, Phlegm, Roa, Stik, and L7

Star Pubs, meanwhile, are well-loved for their diurnal watering hole vibe of quaintness and quietness, and contrasting renowned nocturnal party ethic (as well as being faves of Hollywood stars like Idris Elba and TV celebs such as Miquita Oliver).  They’ve certainly stayed true to the founder’s vision of nurturing a “homegrown community, with a mischievous side”.

Last Days Of Shoreditch Riviera Image 2.jpg

Advance tickets for Fun DMC are available here, while Rave tickets can be purchased here.  Tickets for Feelings Summer Closing Detroit Special can be bought online here.  Private rooms are also available for general hire, whether your party be 10 or 700 people (contact Last Days of Shoreditch direct).

Don’t fret if you can’t make it this year, though – now in its seventh year, Last Days of Shoreditch Riviera is sure to be back for Summer 2018.

Open House Weekend London


Ever wondered what lurks behind the doors of London’s most historic buildings?

On the weekend of the 16th of September, hundreds of London’s most notorious buildings will open their doors to the general public, free of charge. Open House Weekend, now in it’s silver anniversary year, is a celebration of the buildings, places and neighbourhoods amongst which we live. Not only will the public be granted access to the interiors of these buildings, but many will offer free tours.

The event was started in 1992 by Open-City, who are known for their year-round architectural education programmes for children, communities and professionals. A lover of all things London, founder Victoria Thornton started Open House Weekend aiming to inspire and educate the public about the benefits of great design. Believing that the best neighbourhoods are created when the public play an active role in maintaining them, Open House invites the people of London to acknowledge, love and appreciate their own environment - whether it be for their architectural design, interior or infrastructure. The programme has enjoyed major success, with over 35 cities across 5 continents now curating their own Open House Weekends.


With 800+ great buildings taking part this year, this is a unique opportunity to unlock some of London’s best kept architectural secrets. Participants include Billingsgate Roman House and Baths, the Four Seasons Hotel, Guildhall (including the library and the art gallery), Leadenhall Market and the triforium of St Paul’s Cathedral. Restricted parts of public buildings, such as the Barbican and the Museum of London, will also become accessible.

Open House Weekend London attracts tens of thousands of people every year - so be sure to plan ahead, especially as there may be queues at more popular buildings. You can create your own personalised plan on the Open House website, and you can view the full list of participating buildings here.

A Taste of Chicago in Shoreditch - Grab a Beer at Goose Island LDN Block Party

A Taste of Chicago in Shoreditch - Grab a Beer at Goose Island LDN Block Party

Goose Island's LDN Block Party is back.  For one-day only, East London is once again to play host to a little slice of America, in a festival to please hops aficionados and music and street art lovers alike.  Hosted by Chicago’s Goose Island Beer Co, be sure to head over to Shoreditch on Saturday 23rd September for what is sure to be the biggest festival of the year for all fans of a nice cold brew.

Bloomberg Arcade - Restaurants Galore!

Bloomberg Arcade - Restaurants Galore!

Needless to say, here at One City London are pretty excited for Bloomberg’s new European headquarters to open! Not only is the design by London’s own Foster + Partners, but it will also be home to an exciting new "covered pedestrian arcade” full of 10 incredible restaurants curated in collaboration with Richard Vines.  So far 7 restaurants have been selected and the lineup consists of an eclectic range of eateries.  

bloomberg arcade es .jpg

The Bloomberg Arcade will be home to both the old and the new,  including [x] of beloved London favs such as Koya, head up by Chef Shuko Oda, popular brunch and coffee spot Carava, burger virtuoso’s Bleeker Burger, wine masters Vinoteca and pizza pros Homeslice


Newbies include Ahi Poke and the much anticipated new from JKS restaurants, Bridagiers.  While not much is known about Brigadiers besides its inspiration being drawn from "classic Indian barbecue cuisine in a space inspired by a traditional Indian Army mess”, if we all learned anything from Gymkhana, we know it’ll be a hit! 

Stay up to date on the final 3 restaurants by following One City on social media channels and subscribing to our newsletter!

Top 5 Gardens to visit in The City of London

Rather than simply incorporating grand parks into urban landscapes, great urban design often recognises the importance of introducing greenery and gardens into the buildings and streetscapes themselves. Plant matter can do much more than simply juxtapose construction materials and add texture to spaces. Urban greenery has proved to be a very good reminder of this and the value of these kinds of design initiatives goes beyond simple aesthetics or even environmental sustainability, it benefits human health and well-being on many levels.

Inspired by The City Centre’s 2016 ‘City Garden’ exhibition, here are 5 of our favourite City of London green spaces. Whether you’re looking for a quiet lunchtime getaway or an after work walk, this guide will have something for you! 

1. Postman’s Park - Postman's Park is located just a short distance from St Paul’s Cathedral and is bordered by Little Britain, Aldersgate Street, St. Martin's Le Grand and King Edward Street. As the site of the former headquarters of the General Post Office (GPO), it is one of the largest parks in the City of London.  The park acquired its name due to its popularity as a lunchtime garden for postal workers and is home to the famous Watts memorial which was built in 1900 to commemorate ‘heroic men and women’ who had lost their lives attempting to save others. 

 © City of London (

 © City of London (

2. Barbican Conservatory - This hidden treasure is located on the 3rd floor of the theatre's fly tower and is home to over 2,000 species of tropical plants and trees.  Unfortunately, it is only open on Sundays and Bank Holidays only from 12 noon–5pm but it makes for a wonderful excuse for a weekend trip to the City!

 © Luke Hayes (

 © Luke Hayes (

3. Christchurch Greyfriars Church Garden - During the middle ages this site served as a Franciscan monastery, however, following the dissolution of the monasteries under Henry VIII the grounds were converted into a parish church.  In 2011, the plot was redesigned and new planting implemented to reflect current trends in gardening and to increase biodiversity.  Of particular interest, are the wooden towers within the planting, which replicate the original Church pillars act as Rose arboreta throughout the summer. 

© Joanna Dobson (

© Joanna Dobson (

4. Bunhill Fields Burial Ground - Listed as both a Grade II listed building and Grade I listed National Register of Parks and Gardens, Bunhill Fields Burial Ground dates back to the 1600’s.  Home to the graves of notable historical figures such as William Blake, Daniel Defoe, John Bunyan and Susannah Wesley.  Conveniently, it is also located right next to The Artillery Arms pub! 

© Macfilos (

© Macfilos (

5. St Dunstan In The East - Despite having nearly been destroyed twice since its construction around 1100, first during the Great Fire of 1666 and second during the Blitz, St Dunstan In The East remains a popular public garden run by the City of London.  The ruins from this spectacular Grade I listed building are well worth a visit and remain one of our favourite spaces in the City. 

© secretlondon123  (

© secretlondon123  (

Island Poké

Island Poké

Poke, pronounced Po-Keh, is Hawaiian for ‘slice’ or ‘dice’ and is a staple of the archipelago’s traditional diet. 

The meal consists of raw fish on rice and historically, Hawaiian fishermen would slice and dice their catch on the spot!  However, obtaining this delicacy has gotten significantly easier as Island Poké works tirelessly to bring a little of authentic Hawaii to the City.


Island Poké was born of frustrations in the City’s lunchtime monopoly and according to their website, “Island Poke presents London with a more vibrant, flavoursome and original offering, making lunch fun, interactive, healthy and above all, delicious, just like those fresh flavours James remembers as a boy.” Here at OneCity, we think they’re doing a mighty fine job! 

Island Poké offers a customizable 3 step menu.  First, you base it, choosing from either soft and delicious sushi rice, energy packed brown rice, extra healthy leafy greens or crunchy and nutritious raw slaw.  Next, you top it with either ahi tuna with shoyu dressing, salmon with yuzu dressing or roasted beetroot with chilli lime shoyu.  Lastly, your delicious meal is finished off with spring onion and sesame seeds and your choice toppings ranging from edamame to pickled ginger. Needless to say, they’re on top of it ;) 

In addition to Island Poké’s hoʻonānea (Hawaiian for relax) attitude towards customizable food, the decor is rocking some serious aloha vibes.   

Be sure to head to their website to sign up for their newsletter and receive a complimentary morning Kona Coffee!



City Now City Future

What does the future hold for London and cities around the world? And what can we, as residents of those cities, do to make a positive difference to our environment?

The Museum of London is exploring these questions from May 2017 to April 2018 with their first ever year-long season, City Now City Future. The Museum will see countless events, exhibitions, creative commissions and talks over the next year which will investigate the ways in which our cities are evolving across the world.

This season focuses on four areas of exploration: the People’s City, Sharing the City, Changing the City and the Future City. Its flagship exhibition, The City is Ours, is created by the Cité des sciences et de l’industrie in Paris, and aims to celebrate the diversity and complexities of living in a city like London. It will give voice to many of the city’s enigmatic and spirited individuals, telling their stories. Within this flagship exhibition lies interactive information about the 25 initiatives being supported by the Museum of London which all strive to improve city life for their local communities. These include FoodCycle, who work to minimise food waste in the city, and Wayfindr, who work to make London accessible to everyone. Visitors are encouraged to get involved with their local initiatives and are invited on a free walk, talk or workshop by the partners of the Museum of London every Thursday between 1-2pm. The exhibition is spread between all three of the museum’s galleries and is both interactive and dual lingual - oh, and it’s free!

On top of this flagship exhibition, the season has hundreds of ever-changing workshops, events and talks. To name a few, it features work by artists Blast Theory, who have created an interactive installation exploring what the future holds for London, an architecture festival for kids and even a lunchtime gardening workshop which teaches you how to reinvent green spaces within the city. But if they don’t tickle your fancy, new events are frequently added to the website, so it’s definitely worth keeping an eye out.

City Now City Future certainly has something for everyone, so be sure to check out their calendar here.

ZHA: Unbuilt

An exploration of architecture legend Zaha Hadid’s unrealised work is currently on display at the Zaha Hadid Gallery in Clerkenwell.


‘ZHA: Unbuilt’ is part of a series of exhibitions showcasing the continuous innovation of Hadid’s practice, Zaha Hadid Architects’. It focuses mainly on their incredible artistic and research process and investigates a small number of recent design concepts which encapsulate the foundation of her work and the values of her practice.

Hadid, who sadly died in 2016, established her practice in 1979, which quickly gained a legendary reputation for its groundbreaking theoretical works including The Peak in Hong Kong (1983), the Kurfürstendamm in Berlin (1986) and the Cardiff Bay Opera House in Wales (1994). Her work has also been the subject of many exhibitions at prestigious galleries and museums, including the Guggenheim in 2006 and London’s Design Museum in 2007. In 2004, she became the first woman to be awarded the Pritzker Architecture Prize. She also worked with some of the biggest names in fashion, including Chanel, Donna Karen and Pharrell Williams for Adidas.


Additional to the exhibition, the ground floor of the gallery features a showroom which displays a selection of Hadid's limited edition product design, ranging from furniture pieces to installations. The pieces often highlight her innovative and experimental use of new materials. The gallery also features a shop where collectors or just appreciators can buy original pieces of jewellery and artwork.

For more information, please click here.

Oh! Canada - Beers London

Tucked away near Old Street lies Beers London, a gorgeous open gallery devoted to working with contemporary artists. The gallery dedicates itself specifically to work exploring thematic, aesthetic and political concepts. It upholds a thriving international art fair schedule, in which highly regarded fairs such as Artissima in Torino, Italy and Zona Maco in Mexico City are involved. Indeed, Beers London is very much making its mark, as the gallery was listed in Blouin Media's '500 Best Galleries Worldwide' and in 2015 Director Kurt Beers was included in ArtLyst's 'Alternative Power 100’. Not bad for a gallery that opened in 2010.

The venue runs an exciting programme of contemporary art throughout the year. Until the 19th August, Beers London is presenting O Canada!, an exhibition which coincides with the countries 150th birthday. The exhibition features work from Canadian artists such as Andy Dixon, Thrush Holmes and Andrew Salgado. As the gallery itself began with pop-up exhibitions in Vancouver in 2008, the exhibition is as much a homage to its roots as it is to Canada itself, with director Kurt Beers (who is himself Canadian) taking the helm.

O Canada! features a range of emerging, mid-career and established artists. The 11 artists involved work across a range of styles, approaches and mediums, however, the exhibition aims find commonalities between these artists focussing only on their heritage, exploring the cultural consciousness and traditional aesthetic within their own collective. Do your roots always affect your work no matter how far you travel? Above all, however, the exhibition is a celebration of Canadian contemporary art from all corners of the globe, whilst tackling issues such as land, identity, culture and politics.

The exhibition will run until the 19th of August. You will find more information here.

temper at Angel Court

temper at Angel Court

The famous Neil Rankin has just opened his second temper branch in Angel Court.

Following the immense success of the first solo venture temper Soho, which opened in November 2016, barbecue expert Neil Rankin and business partner and Managing Director Sam Lee teamed up again to open the new branch. The restaurant specialises in gin, top quality wines from the New World and curries cooked on their signature open fire pit. Meat served at temper is often slow cooked over oak and charcoal using unique smoking techniques developed by Neil.

The menu at temper City will change regularly and focus on curries. Think Mutton rolls and Laksa lamb belly stovies to start, alongside curries such as the Lamb scotch bonnet vindaloo, Dry goat, Meatball marrow masala and Dashi chip shop chicken. There will also be a range of oddly named cocktails on offer.

Book a table at temper City here.